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Fertilitest Ovulation Test

Fertilitest Ovulation Test

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Maximize your chances of conception with our trusted ovulation tests!

Our ovulation tests are designed to give you unmatched accuracy, ease of use and the confidence you need to plan your family future. Don't let doubt slow you down, try them today and get on the path to the parenthood you deserve.


    Our ovulation tests consist of a thin test strip with an absorption area for urine. They respond to the hormone LH to determine the optimal time for conception. A protective case is included to maintain its quality.


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    • Remove the test from the sachet after having previously washed your hands.

    • Hold the strip by the pink end and immerse it in urine for 10-15 seconds.

    • Remove the sample strip and place it on a flat, non-absorbent surface.

    • Start the timer and wait 5 minutes for the colored band(s) to appear.

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    How to use ovulation strip tests correctly?

    1. Maintain consistency:Perform tests at the same time each day for the most consistent results, ideally avoiding significant time variations.
    2. Avoid overhydration:Limit excessive fluid intake a few hours before the test to avoid diluting the urine, which could alter the results.
    3. Correct storage of strips:Store the strips in a dry, cool place. Exposure to inappropriate conditions may compromise the reliability of results.
    4. Follow a cycle schedule:Keep a calendar of your menstrual cycle to anticipate the likely time of ovulation. This can help determine when to start testing.
    5. Understanding individual variations:Be aware that every woman may have different cycles. If your cycle is irregular, adjust the start of the tests accordingly.

    By following these steps carefully and understanding the specifics of our Fertilitest ovulation test strips that you are using, you will maximize the accuracy of the results and optimize your chances of conceiving. If concerns persist, consult a healthcare professional for more personalized advice.

    For more information on using our ovulation tests, we invite you to consult our blog: "Complete guide to using our FERTILITEST ovulation tests: When and how to use them?

    How long are ovulation strip test results valid for?

    Our Fertilitest ovulation tests are designed to provide reliable results approximately 5 to 10 minutes after taking the test.

    It is important to follow the instructions included on the back of the test package, as these will indicate the exact time at which the results should be read. Reading results after the recommended time frame may result in incorrect interpretations because chemical reactions on the strip may change over time.

    That said, once the recommended reading time has passed, the results are generally no longer considered valid. If you do not observe results within the specified reading window, it is recommended that you do not interpret these results and retest if necessary.

    Can ovulation strip tests be used to detect ovulation abnormalities?

    Our Fertilitest ovulation tests are primarily designed to detect the peak of luteinizing hormone (LH) in urine, which precedes ovulation. They are effective in determining the most favorable periods for conception. However, they are not specifically intended to diagnose ovulation abnormalities or underlying fertility problems.

    If you suspect ovulation problems or are having difficulty conceiving, it is recommended that you consult a healthcare professional specializing in fertility. Our ovulation tests can be a useful tool for identifying opportune times to try to conceive, but they do not provide information about ovulation quality, egg health, or other complex aspects of fertility.

    Your doctor may recommend more in-depth fertility tests, such as blood tests to measure reproductive hormone levels, ultrasounds to assess follicular growth, or other specialized tests to better understand overall reproductive health.

    Are there external factors that can influence the results of ovulation strip tests?

    Yes, several external factors can influence the results of our ovulation tests. It is important to take these elements into account to ensure the accuracy of the results:

    1. Drugs :Certain medications, such as those containing hormones, can affect hormone levels in urine and influence test results.
    2. Health problems :Underlying medical conditions, such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) or other hormonal disorders, can influence hormone levels and, therefore, ovulation test results.
    3. Excessive hydration:Excessive fluid intake can dilute hormone levels in urine, affecting the accuracy of results. It is recommended not to drink large amounts of water in the hours before the test.
    4. Inadequate test method:Failure to correctly follow instructions, such as urine collection time, strip soak time, or reading results incorrectly, can influence test reliability.
    5. Irregular menstrual periods:If you have irregular menstrual cycles, it may be more difficult to determine the right time to start testing, which may affect the accuracy of the results.
    6. Menopause or perimenopause:Women going through perimenopause or menopause may have fluctuating hormone levels, which can make ovulation tests less reliable.
    7. Stress :Stress can impact the hormonal cycle, although the effect may vary from person to person.

    It is important to consider these factors and consult a healthcare professional if you have ongoing concerns about fertility or if ovulation test results do not meet your expectations.

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