Our history

“It all began with my childhood, cradled by the gourmet memories of my grandmother, a loving, attentive woman gifted with unique know-how. My grandmother has always been passionate about infusions of teas and herbal teas. Originally from the deep countryside, she passed on to me much more than small natural remedies to cure me in case of ailments. She bequeathed me her passion. It became for me an obsession to heal myself naturally, by adding to it fruity ingredients.

Always eager for taste discoveries, I am looking for new remedies, rare plants with exotic scents, with remarkable effectiveness. That's when I said to myself: why not create my own brand and share all my gourmet secrets with you? So I started to conduct greedy surveys, to create polls and then share them with those around me, my neighbors, my family, my acquaintances, etc. Very quickly, I had my first responses, and I was overwhelmed to see to what extent people were seduced by the natural delights that I advocated.

This revelation encouraged me to bring my project to life. I've assembled a team of herbal experts who share my passion for fruity flavors and natural benefits. Together we created my online store, a true paradise for lovers of healing treats.

I am deeply committed to your opinions and your needs, because I want to offer you delicious flavors combined with targeted benefits. This is why I am constantly looking for new recipes to meet your desires, sometimes neglected by others. My goal is to offer you gourmet, fresh, natural products made in Europe, to reconcile all generations with nature and the delights it can offer us. Our future well-being depends on our lifestyle habits and what we offer our body on a daily basis. As a determined and passionate person, I always have more projects and very little time to carry them out, an immense joy every day to satisfy you, and a future that we will create together.


The Founder of My SecreTea, where fruity flavors and goodness come together in every delicious cup. 🍓🍊🍇"