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Fertilitea Box

Fertilitea Box

Description :

Discover our Fertility Box, a complete cure. Ideal for women looking to balance their hormones and improve their fertility. A delicious and beneficial infusion of Fertilitea, combining herbs of lady's mantle, chasteberry (Hajbet Chajarat Maryam or Monk's Pepper ), sage, nettle and raspberry leaves, promoting the regulation of the cycle and the stimulation of ovulation.

Combined with the simple and accurate Fertilitest ovulation tests, it provides a better understanding of your fertility window, thereby increasing your chances of conception.

From organic farming to your peace of mind, our kit helps you take comprehensive control of your fertility in a short period of time. Choose this essential duo for your fertility at an attractive price to maximize the benefits and move forward with confidence towards the family you want to start.

We strongly recommend that you opt for a Fertilitea course of at least 3 months, because the current quality of your eggs reflects your state of health 3 months ago. Indeed, the dominant follicle requires approximately 100 days to achieve ovulation. 🌿📊

    For who ?

    ⚖️ For women looking to optimize their fertility.

    🎗️ For women wishing to relieve endometriosis pain and conceive.

    🔍 For women aiming to conceive despite PCOS.

    Our advices

    🧪 Use of ovulation tests : Carefully follow the Fertilitest strip instructions to detect your ovulation period.

    Consumption of Fertilitea : Drink a cup of Fertilitea in the morning on an empty stomach throughout the cycle, and an additional one during the ovulation period to maximize its effectiveness.

    🌡️ Maintaining the heat of the uterus : Prefer hot Fertilitea infusion to promote blood circulation in the pelvic region.

    🔄 Observation and adjustment : Monitor your body's reactions and adjust the dosage if necessary.

    👩‍⚕️ Professional consultation : Consult a healthcare professional for personalized advice, and check for possible contraindications with other medications.

    🥦 Other fertility tips : Reduce exposure to endocrine disruptors, minimize stress and balance your diet to optimize your fertility.

    🤝 Specialized consultation : Discuss your concerns with health professionals specializing in fertility for tailored support.



    Apple pieces*, yarrow herb*, rosemary*, chasteberry*, basil*, lady's mantle herb*, natural strawberry flavor, sage*, nettle leaves*, raspberry leaves*, stevia leaves*, strawberry pieces*, lemon oil*. *From organic farming


    Our ovulation tests consist of a thin test strip with an absorption area for urine. They respond to the hormone LH to determine the optimal time for conception. A protective case is included to maintain its quality.



    Not suitable for pregnant women, breastfeeding women, people at risk of allergies or specific sensitivities to ingredients, people with underlying health conditions, people taking medical treatments.

    ⚠️ Attention:

    Discontinue use once pregnancy is confirmed by blood or urine test.

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    Delivery all over the world

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    How long do you recommend I take Fertilitea as a treatment?

    We strongly recommend that you opt for a Fertilitea course of at least 3 months, because the current quality of your eggs reflects your state of health 3 months ago. Indeed, the dominant follicle requires approximately 100 days to achieve ovulation. Choose this duration in our program to allow your body to rebalance your cycle and your hormones, thus promoting a significant improvement in your fertility. This optimal period of use aims to maximize the benefits of our program for your reproductive health.

    When and how should I use the ovulation tests (Fertilitest) included in the box?

    The use of the ovulation tests (Fertilitest) included in the box is essential to determine the optimal time of ovulation, crucial in order to optimize the chances of conception. For advice on use, consult the information provided on the back of the Fertilitest packet (the QR code will take you directly to our blog) or access the blog directly from the site, where you will find a complete guide on the use of our tests. FERTILITEST ovulation: When and how to use them?

    Are there any specific tips or recommendations for maximizing the chances of conception using these two products together?

    For optimal use of the Fertilitea box, including a Fertilitea infusion and a sachet of 10 ovulation tests (Fertilitest), follow these tips:

    Enjoy your Fertilitea Infusion in the morning on an empty stomach to benefit from the particular receptivity of the pituitary gland at this time. To maximize its benefits, add a spoonful of black seed oil and/or honey. You can enjoy up to 3 cups per day outside of meals, with the option of brewing twice with the same spoon.

    When it comes to fertility, reduce exposure to endocrine disruptors in food and cosmetic products, minimize stress, and balance your diet with minerals, vitamins and trace elements. Complete this with Fertilitea infusion, carefully selected for its beneficial properties. Consult health professionals specializing in maternity, assisted reproduction, etc., to discuss these considerations and receive support.

    The ovulation tests (Fertilitest) included in the box are essential to determine the optimal time of ovulation, crucial to increase your chances of conception. Carefully follow the instructions provided for optimal use. Remember the importance of being listened to and supported throughout this journey.

    Is this fertility box suitable for everyone seeking conception, or are there any precautions or restrictions to consider?

    Before using the Fertilitea Box for fertility, consult a healthcare professional, especially if you have a medical history or difficulty conceiving. Check ingredients to avoid allergies, and discuss specifics with your doctor. If any adverse effects occur, discontinue use. Certain medical conditions require special approaches. The box is not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Monitor for side effects and consult a healthcare professional if necessary. In summary, always consult a healthcare professional before beginning any fertility support program.